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About Us

Passionate about Algorithmic Trading & Artificial Intelligence Research

QuantCopilot is a quantitative investment research firm. Our mission is to empower private traders with superior investment research through our innovative technology that they can apply to grow their personal wealth.

We employ the power of Artificial Intelligence and Quantitative Analysis to uncover pockets of irrationality in the market that cause traders to make investment mistakes due to emotion and which result in temporary mispricing’s that can be exploited for profit.

Our Mission

To empower the individual with professionally quantified investment research and tools delivered in a user-friendly format that they can employ to enhance their trade performance and build their personal wealth safely and slowly over the long-term. We do this by actively quantifying the markets to uncover robust and statistically significant methodologies that we distribute through our innovative systems and Trading bots.

Our Vision

To become the leading quantitative & algorithmic trading platform for individuals investors and traders. Expand our research into different investment styles and methodologies to provide the broadest spectrum of tradeable ideas to maximise diversification and profit capabilities. Eventually expand into the global markets and become the go to platform for serious investors seeking exposure to professional quantified strategies for the world’s financial markets.

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