“Crypto” What??
What Makes Crypto-Currencies So Special?


By now, maybe you know already what Bitcoin is; a global, entirely digital currency, totally separate from any particular country, government, or central bank. No single entity or government has control over the Bitcoin currency. All Bitcoin transactions occur peer-to-peer, meaning no government or third party is ever involved!

Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies are organized through a network called “block chain” which is a fancy term for an electronic ledger that keeps track of every transaction all in one place. All banks currently require a middle-man to audit the ledgers of both parties involved in a transaction. Block chain does not.

Now the idea of block-chain and crypto-currencies is starting to be embraced by Wall Street’s biggest institutions (So make sure you profit from it before they do!).


What Is The Opportunity With Crypto-Currencies?

Bitcoin and crypto-currencies have experienced an EXPLOSIVE growth in recent months and years. The best part about is that 2018 is expected to be its best year yet.

To give you some perspective about how much Bitcoin has grown, take a look at these 2 examples:
In May 2010, 10,000 Bitcoins would get you two Pizzas. Today, ONE Bitcoin would get you over 900 pizzas at the same price (so you can imagine what 30,000 would get you)
In March 2010, 1 Bitcoin was worth $0.003 USD. Today 1 Bitcoin is worth over $15K  – That’s over 200,000,000% growth in just over 7 years!

With all this in mind, you can definitely see that those who invest wisely in cryptocurrencies can return huge profits in months and years to come!

Bitcoin Grew By 2051.79%, Litecoin  5805.83% In The Last 12 Months Only! And You Missed Out…

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