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Never Stop Learning

Decision Trees (part 1)

Decision Trees (part 1)In this post we’ll learn the basics but very powerful concepts that will guide us in the quest to find a powerful (and profitable) machine learning model that in further posts, we’ll be implementing it to a real life Algorithmic Trading Bot....

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Random Forest

Random ForestRandom Forest, as the name suggest, it’s the bagging of many Decision Trees, in this way we get better results than using just a single tree. Random Forest not only sample subsets of a given data set but also sample subsets or features, letting each model...

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Decision Trees (part 2)

Decision Trees (part 2)Ensemble Learning Ensemble learning is one of the most interesting and most used concepts in machine learning applied to finance. It consist of two main ideas: Bagging Boosting (This concept we’ll cover in further posts) Bagging This is a short...

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